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Christopher Bessette Writer Director Motion PicturesChristopher Bessette is a multi-award winning motion picture writer/director/producer. In 2012 Bessette was honored with a Premier's Award nomination by his alma mater, Niagara College. The nomination is in recognition for outstanding achievements by a college graduate in 'Creative Arts and Design', recognized by the Premier of Ontario and the province of Ontario, Canada. Bessette has led an international career; while producing a program for Family Channel, Bessette worked with producers in 13 nations. Ultimately his film work has taken him to the Amazon and the jungles of Central America, Russia, South East Asia, throughout Europe, across Canada and most of the United States; allowing Bessette to acquire the sensitivity and experience with various cultures, actors, and crews, honing his storytelling gift and his ability to deliver impacting films.
These skills exemplified themselves in a great challenge: write and direct an epic tale that spans 50 years of an Amazonian tribe. The resulting movie features 300 tribal people with 86 speaking parts, most of whom had never seen a moving image before, into a multi-award winning feature film. Of the recognition “The Enemy God” received, THE BEST DIRECTOR AWARD at the 2008 ARPA International Film Festival in Hollywood went to Bessette.

Dr. Zaven Khatchturian, ARPA Film Curator commented “What I soon discovered that what was made was cinematic invention indeed. It was something I had not seen before, second it was done so skillfully ... one of the most amazing films I have ever experienced.”

Christopher Bessette’s recent film promises to do even more. The amazing story which brought Bessette to South East Asia and witness first hand the incidents going on with international investigations, human trafficking and the sex trade found themselves in his most recent movie TRADE OF INNOCENTS starring Dermot Mulroney, Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino, John Billingsley and Trieu Tran. Trade of Innocents was recently awarded BEST DRAMA and BEST DIRECTOR at the 32nd Annual Festival of Film Breckenridge and the 2012 ICVM Gold Crown Award for BEST PICTURE.

Bessette says, “Working internationally has definitely given me an edge to relating to and discovering nuance of human communication. I love working with actors to find truth in the scenes and respect my crew for their talents and contribution. I believe each story, like the flow of life; has a rhythm all its own. Once you capture the rhythm, it resonates as truth with the audience and they are moved.”

Beside multiple television and film credits, Bessette has also directed many successful theatrical 100-plus cast member musicals. His films and television work have won numerous awards internationally and played in festivals and on screens around the world.

Industry Quotes

  • "This kind of thinking gives Bessette the edge..."


  • "Shocking, Heartbreaking, Unforgetable!" 

    Stuart Lee, WNYX-TV
    re: Trade of Innocents

  • "Christopher, you are truly gifted your gentle precise leadership got performances from actors I never dreamed possible. I expect you to be up there with my other director heroes David Lean, James Cameron, Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick. Mark these words! We pray you find the budgets and the scripts because you are a force!"

    Wendell Wilks, Producer

On Set...

Bangkok Thailand, Phnom Penh Cambodia, Amazonas Venezuela, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver Canada,
Punta Gorda Belize, Amsterdam Holland, Fribourg Switzerland, St. Petersburg Russia...

Christopher Bessette Writer Director

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