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A Life of Muck - new screenplay by Bessette

Written by Christopher     |    Wednesday, 05 April 2017
My wife and her sister’s invisible childhood friends, Muck and Keek, live in my new screenplay, “A Life of Muck.”A bullied 16-year-old girl finds solace in the journal of a boy who went missing 30 years ago. When he appears to her and offers his help against her tormentors, his invisibility proves both beneficial and alluring to a girl who wishes she could just disappear too.   Movie Industry People can read my new screenplay "A Life of Muck" on The Blacklist for the next month #movie #comngofage #bullying #romance A Life of Muck #readit @theblcklst  #bullied 16-year-old girl finds solace in the journal of a boy who went #invisible 30… Read more...

NIAGARA: THUNDER OF THE WATERS - feature length documentary

Written by Super User     |    Wednesday, 28 September 2016
North American Broadcast Premiere on PBS affiliate WNED 8:00 PM December 7, 2016  Just Released 2016 "Niagara: Thunder of the Waters" revisited with incredible stunning high definition images of Niagara Falls and surrounding parklands. "It's been said in the hush of years gone past,  you could hear the roar of the great giant from many miles away.  Look up, just beyond the horizon,  as white billowy columns rise high from behind the tree line" Embark on a journey of discovery. The mighty Niagara and surrounding parklands are rich in history and human struggle. Poetic and personal in its approach and epic in feel,… Read more...


Written by Christopher     |    Sunday, 30 August 2015
A number of years ago in-between movie projects, I took a job in a Call Centre to make ends meet.  That’s the common vernacular for “survive.”  The Call Centre Supervisor asked me, “What did you do before coming here?” I answered him truthfully but the demeaning mocking look of disbelief he gave me in his silent reply said it all. What followed were weeks of training on how to take a call, answer questions and resolve issues. My closest friends in the Call Centre training class were all artists of some sort. One guy was a Comic Book Artist, another was… Read more...
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