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2018 CIFF Award Winner

Written by Christopher     |    Friday, 28 September 2018
NIAGARA COLLEGE CANADA PRESS RELEASE Niagara College prof, grad Christopher M. Bessette wins Best Director award 2012 film Trade of Innocents makes a comeback at 2018 CIFF   Niagara-based writer/director Christopher Bessette doesn’t only reach for the stars, he shines among them. The Niagara College Broadcasting graduate and current part-time faculty member was among the star-studded nominees and winners at the second annual Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival (CIFF) held September 14-16 in Toronto – including Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Dennis Quaid, and Mira Sorvino. Bessette attended CIFF with multiple award nominations for his 2012 film Trade of Innocents, and walked away with… Read more...

REDLINE BURN - new feature film screenplay by Bessette

Written by Christopher     |    Friday, 10 August 2018
To rescue his family, a retired MotoGP champion must prepare his son to compete in the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world. ______   A pack of road racing motorcycles leans to the limit on a sharp corner. Their leather-clad rider’s knees scrape the ground at 200 miles per hour into the first turn of our story.   Former MotoGP champ Ricky McIvery finds himself alone; fame, fortune, and the pursuit of pleasure destroy his marriage, and relationship opportunity with his infant son. His wife escapes vowing to never be found again.   20 years later: barely scraping by… Read more...

PROPHETS & KINGS - 30 episode dramatic TV series

Written by Christopher     |    Wednesday, 08 August 2018
A vision of the future compels one man to expose deceit, sexual scandal, and murder among the ruling elite. Prophets & Kings is an edgy internet streaming platform, one-hour drama. The setting is 877 B.C. where kingdoms rise and fall by epic battles with horses, chariots, swordsmen, and archers. Corrupt leaders rule the divided nation of Samaria (Israel) having forgotten their roots and pledge to the One True God who led them out of slavery to this promised land. It is here that Ahab the ruling puppet King, Jezebel his Queen a conniving, maniacal temptress and the prophet Elijah (one… Read more...

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