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PROPHETS & KINGS - 30 episode dramatic TV series
Wednesday, 08 August 2018

A vision of the future compels one man to expose deceit,
sexual scandal, and murder among the ruling elite.

Prophets & Kings is an edgy internet streaming platform, one-hour drama. The setting is 877 B.C. where kingdoms rise and fall by epic battles with horses, chariots, swordsmen, and archers. Corrupt leaders rule the divided nation of Samaria (Israel) having forgotten their roots and pledge to the One True God who led them out of slavery to this promised land. It is here that Ahab the ruling puppet King, Jezebel his Queen a conniving, maniacal temptress and the prophet Elijah (one of the best known old testament prophets) take the stage in a time of betrayal, sexual deviance, and murder. Drawing inspiration from the biblical text of I and II Kings each episode climaxes with a major biblical event or by pointing to it in the following episode.

Like never before portrayed in the historic biblical narrative, the 30 episode character arc of Prophets & Kings is a dangerous, raw and real representation of those days that draws parallels between their world and ours, closing the gap between then and now and cementing the relevance of scripture to modern life. Inspiring audiences with the challenge God laid out before Isaiah (6:8), "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?


Christopher Bessette is a multi-award winning writer-director, member of the Director’s Guild of America and the Writer’s Guild of America.  Bessette has received numerous awards at various festivals worldwide, including two “Best Director” awards.  One was received at the 2008 Arpa International Film Festival in Hollywood, for his feature film “The Enemy God”  The other was received  at the 32nd Annual Festival of Film Breckenridge, for his feature film "Trade of Innocents"

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